Storybook Weddings – Our Story

about_imgTim & Patty Hicklin

In 2003 Tim Hicklin worked in the insurance industry and was looking for a more creative avenue in which to earn a living.  Having graduated from Eastern Washington University in 1976 in Radio-Television, he has always had a passion for the industry of entertainment.

in 2003 Tim had just purchased a small video camera for his own use and also acquired his first Macintosh computer from his brother.

He began to entertain the thought of starting a video production company, and what better way than to start video taping weddings on the weekends while still holding down his day job.

Tim states, “I placed a flyer that  I made on my computer in a dress shop of a friend of mine, stating that a local start-up company needed to shoot a wedding for a demo reel.”  Low and behold he got a call.  “Can you video tape my daughters wedding?”  Now I had a prospect and now I had to shoot a wedding.  But the problem was, this was something I had never done before, hadn’t talked to anyone about how to, didn’t read any articles on how to and didn’t  know anyone to talk to about this new venture.

So I gave it some thought and away we went to shoot a wedding.  He states, “it’s amazing when you have a gift for something you just know what to do and how to do it.”

But his real gift showed itself when he sat down to edit the footage he had captured.  He states “sometimes I would be up until early morning, still editing.  When the creative juices start flowing, you just can’t stop.”

To this day, Tim states that the first wedding Storybook Weddings ever shot is still one of his best.  He and his wife Patty have only gotten better over the years.   “I’ll admit I was a little nervous doing something I had never done before and having people counting on me.  But when you have a dream, you just have to step out.”

Tim Is now, and has been since 2006, full time shooting weddings and other video projects.  Patty no longer carries a camera, but she had an integral part in the start and building of Storybook Weddings, and she still helps Tim with the editing, giving a perspective of a new set of eyes before the final product goes out.

Since then many other video projects have come their way and they continue to stretch their creative abilities in other video projects.

We would love to talk with you about your wedding day, help you customize the best package for you and create a lifetime of memories about your special day.