Storybook Weddings – Frequently Asked Questions

Who will capture our event?

More than likely it will be Tim Hicklin that will videotape your event.  If it is a 2 camera shoot and it’s a wedding, Tim will most likely be servicing your event along with one of our other videographers.  If it’s a one camera shoot we are then able to schedule 2 events on that day and you may or may not have Tim at your wedding.   But no matter which of our videographers captures your event, you can be sure they will be professional and do an excellent job.  We will notify you the week of the wedding which of our videographers will cover your event.

We only have 3 videographers on staff. It’s important to us that we don’t hire outside videographers.   This way we can control the quality of work that is captured on our cameras.



Do you travel?

Yes, we will travel wherever your event is scheduled to take place.  We will discuss travel and lodging expenses.  If your event is in the greater Tampa Bay area, usually there are no additional travel fees.


How long does it take to receive our finished product after the event?

Normally it takes 4-6  weeks to receive your finished video, but may be as much as 8 weeks if we have had a very busy season.   It just depends on how busy we have been and how many events we have to edit.


What equipment do you use?

 We use Panasonic GH3 and GH4 DSLR’S for those amazing cinematic images.   We also carry a slider and camera stabilizer to give your video a smooth professional look.    We also are equipped with audio recorders which are on, usually on both the groom and officiant, and a  lavalier microphone attached to each during the ceremony to make sure we hear each word spoken.  

During the wedding reception, especially, it is important to have LED lighting, since most receptions are dimly lit for the mood.  We carry the latest LED lighting   for stunning images, even in the darkest lit room.   What this means to you is, beautiful images no matter what lighting we are facing.


What does Storybook Weddings need from you?

If your event is a wedding, birthday party or bar/bat mitzvah, we need you to pick out some music that we will use for editing your video.    Please feel free to peruse through our videos and get some ideas.  I will need six songs to use to edit your video with, 3 slower and 3 faster.   I just need the artist and song title, I’ll place them in the video where I feel they best fit.      You may view some of our videos to get an idea for music to edit your video. Also, please do not give us the same song to use twice in your video.  For instance, if you are dancing your first dance to a certain song, don’t use that song for another part of the video, it just doesn’t sound good to use a song twice in the video.      

We also need to know of any special things going on during your event that you want to be sure is captured.  It may be a “surprise dance” or someone special that will be attending and you want to be sure we capture them.   Make sure you have made us aware of those kinds of things.


How will we receive our Storybook Weddings Video?

You will receive it via email. You will have your own page that lists your videos that you may share with anyone, download or view right on the server.  No more worries about your DVD getting scratched and unplayable or no reason to have to buy extra copies.  Just share the HD file to whom ever you wish.  It’s a huge step forward in Storybook Weddings delivery of our videos.  


The Big Question: 1 or 2 camera package?

I can’t tell you what a big difference it makes to have that second videographer.  So much is missed with just one videographer.  You simply can’t be in 2 places at once and the second videographer catches all those important memories that are lost forever.  



How do we secure Storybook Weddings for our event?

A deposit of 50% of the total cost of the package is required, BUT you may also reserve a date with just a $250 down payment with the balance of the 50% deposit to be paid within 60 days of reserving the date. The entire balance is to be paid in full within 10 days  of the event.  


Can we read some reviews of your services on a third party website?

Yes, you may go to, “vendors”, then select “videographers” from the drop down box, put in “Lakeland” for the city, then scroll down until you find Storybook Weddings, Lakeland, FL.  You may read what brides have written about their experience with Storybook Weddings.


Can you recommend vendors for us to use as part of our day?

Yes we can!  Your vendors will have a huge impact on your day, from the caterer, DJ, planner/coordinator, photographer and many more.  Below is a list of a few vendors that we can recommend that will make your day more enjoyable and fun and give you a quality product.



Life Long Studios 727-491-3872           

Dreamy Portraits 813 703 0537                        (Danielle)   [email protected]

Gonzalez Lugo Photography, LLC                     ( Maryel & Alfredo)   863 589 8438


Chris Grainger-(863) 513-4935                

Arnoldo Offermann-(863)-800-0002     

DJMiniC productions   (863) 812 7035




Special Moments Event Planning, Tammy Waterman (727) 343-0800

2 Sisters Events & Design, Shawna Carpenter (863) 698-6978,

  Perfect Day Productions      Lora Gardner,   863 608 1945





We would love to talk with you about your wedding day, help you customize the best package for you and create a lifetime of memories about your special day.