Diamond Wedding Video Package

The Diamond package has it all!  This package includes everything from the above packages, but also includes a “Love Story”, a 7-8 minute video shown at the reception that tells your personal Love Story.  This becomes part of your final video and is always a hit at the reception. It also includes 3 hours of video of your choice.  It can be trips to visit vendors, video of engagement photo shoot, dress fitting or just use your imagination.  This will really add “fun” to your final edited video.


Storybook Wedding's Diamond Package comes with two cameras and two camera operators and a time limit of 8 hours.  For the average event this is more than enough time to catch the set-up, preparation to the bride and groom leaving for their honeymoon.


If the venue allows, we will also set up an unmanned video camera, usually  in a balcony or other such  place, to capture an additional camera angle.


A wireless microphone on the groom will capture the voice of the minister, groom and bride.  If the church has the capability, an audio CD recorded by the church will also give us a good soundtrack of everything going through their sound board.  This acts as a back up to our wireless microphone as well as captures any live music or reading taking place in other areas of the sanctuary.


All of the days activities are captured from preparation to the bride and groom leaving.  If more time is needed than the 8 hours, just ask us to stay and we will bill you the difference later.  



Also included in this package is a highlight video of your entire day.  This is a great piece of video that can be uploaded to your favorite social media website so friends and family that were not able to attend your wedding are able to enjoy beautiful glimpses of your entire day.  This is artistically set to music of your choice.  


This package is delivered to your in stunning High Definition in digial format for easy sharing, viewing or downloading.    No DVD to get scratched or chipped.  You may give the HD file to whom ever you wish.  No need to buy additional copies of DVD's.  This is a huge step forward in the delivery of your Storybook Weddings Video.


Also included in the Diamond Package is your very own Love Story.  Our videographer will sit down with you both and record your answers to some fun questions.   Then it's up to our master editors to put together a short 6-8 minute video that is typically shown at the reception just before you are introduced.  IT'S ALWAYS A HUGE HIT!


Also included in this package is three hours of video fun.  We can follow you both around the town, shoot video of your engagement photo shoot with your photographer or follow you as you select your other vendors.  This has been some great video and makes it like your own "Platinum Wedding Video."



 Clients are reserving as much as two years in advance.  Call today!

Package Includes:
  • Three cameras/two camera operators and one unmanned camera during the ceremony
  • 8 hours of coverage
  • wireless mic on groom, extra wireless if needed
  • Average length of video, 60-90 minutes.
  • edited with music of your choice
  • color correcting
  • "Highlight Reel" of the entire day edited to your song choice for uploading to web
  • Our very own "Storybook Look."
  • Your Storybook Weddings Video delivered in Stunning High Definition in digital format for easy sharing, downloading or viewing.
  • No more DVD's to get scratched or chipped and no more extras to buy.  Give the HD file to anyone you wish.
  • "Love Story." 7-8 minute video of bride and groom telling their Love story. It is typically shown at the reception just before the bride and groom are introduced.