Bouquet Wedding Video Package

The Bouquet Package comes with 8 hours of coverage captured in stunning High Definition. If your budget is stil a llittle limited, this is for you.   This is not a 10-20 minute highlight video.  You get bridal prep, full ceremony, first dance, mother/son, father/daughter dances, full toast and a night of dances clips.  It’s all there for your enjoyment!

This is one of our more popular packages. The same quality as all of our packages and totally affordable for most everyone.

We would love to talk with you about your wedding day, help you customize the best package for you and create a lifetime of memories about your special day.

This package comes with a single camera and operator and a time limit of 8 hours.  For the average event this is more than enough time to catch the set-up, preparation to the bride and groom leaving for their honeymoon.


If the venue allows, we will also set up an unmanned video camera, usually  in a balcony or other such  place, to capture an additional camera angle.


A wireless microphone on the groom will capture the voice of the minister, groom and bride.  If the church has the capability, an audio CD recorded by the church will also give us a good soundtrack of everything going through their sound board.  This acts as a back up to our wireless microphone as well as captures any live music or reading taking place in other areas of the sanctuary.


All of the days activities are captured from preparation to the bride and groom leaving.  If more time is needed than the 8 hours, just ask us to stay and we will bill you the difference later.  


This package is edited to the music of your choice and delivered in stunning High Definition in digital format for easy sharing, downloading or viewing.  This is a huge step forward in the delivery process of your Storybook Weddings Video.  No more DVD's to get scratched or chipped.  No more extra DVD's to purchase.  Just give your HD file to whom ever you wish and everyone enjoys your wedding in beautiful High Definition.



 Clients are reserving as much as two years in advance.  Call today!

Package Includes:
  • Average length of your video is 30-60 min
  • One camera/one camera operator
  • 2nd unmanned camera during ceremony
  • Includes 8 hours of coverage
  • wireless mic on groom
  • edited with music of your choice
  • color correcting 
  • footage for uploading to the web
  • Our very own "Storybook Look."
  • Delivered in Stunning High Definition in digital format for easy sharing, downloading or viewing.