Our Services – Weddings

Nothing will capture the memories of your wedding day better  than a video.  All the sights, sounds, laughter and tears are preserved for a lifetime.

The one thing we hear most often from brides after they have viewed their Storybook Weddings video for the first time, is how much they realized they had already forgotten.

The process begins from your first call to Storybook Weddings.  Our creative wheels begin turning as soon as you begin to convey to us your dream wedding.

We will have suggestions; maybe a “Love Story” will be right for you.  Maybe you would like our cameras  to follow you to a few “vendor seeking” trips or to your final dress fitting or to your bachelorette party.   

We have also gathered the families together after the bride and groom have returned from their honeymoon and captured everyone’s emotions and thoughts, they had, on the day of the wedding.  These are then edited into the video at the appropriate time.  Maybe the father of the bride will tell how he felt just before he walked his daughter down the isle.  Or the groom will convey his feelings of seeing his soon-to-be-bride for the first time walking down the isle to their new life together.  These small vignettes placed strategically in the timeline give the video a whole new level of emotion.

On the wedding day itself, we usually arrive at least two hours before the ceremony.  This gives us time to get our cameras set and capture some of the bride and groom  getting ready.  This, of course, depends on how many cameras you have purchased for the days shoot and how much time we have allocated for the day.  If you find that we are running out of time that we have allocated for our day’s shoot, you may always ask us to stay longer and we will just bill you for any additional time.

Your Storybook Weddings video will be delivered in stunning High Definition Video on a Flash Drive.  No more scratched DVD’s or extra DVD’s to buy.  Just plug into your new flat panel TV or play from your computer via Apple TV.  

We would love to talk with you about your wedding day, help you customize the best package for you and create a lifetime of memories about your special day.